Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Chocolate Free Easter treats

Bug will be 19 months old at Easter. I don't know about everyone else but I'm happy for her to wait at least another year before introducing her to the sugar overload that Easter can be. I figure her Grandmothers will be supplying her with more chocolate than I'm comfortable with anyways. Last year she was given 2 chocolate eggs. I ate them both, she was 7mnths, there was no way she was getting chocolate eggs! Anyway I digress. 

(Image from Village Pottery)

Last year I got Bug a personalised egg cup from TheVillage Pottery shop on Etsy.  I was so pleased with it. We actually used it for the soft boiled eggs with veggie chip soldiers we had for dinner tonight (it was lazy tea night), and I know as Bug gets older she'll appreciate having her own special things.
I'm hoping to get Baby number two (let's call her Bebe for now), the same or similar (we'll have to wait till she has a name of course).

This year I got some DIY nesting eggs from Dolls In Dolls. Which I decorated using vegetable based paints, and some gold acrylic. A couple of layers of varnish later and voila.  I wanted to keep mine quite simple so I could use the eggs as tools to talk about size, (small medium large, big, little, etc) and colours when we play with them, but there is potential to be as elaborate as your imagination allows. I would love to try decoupaging them, and it can see stencils coming super handy in the decorating process. 

The whole process was a fun mummy only activity for me, but I can't wait for a few years time, when I think Bug will have a ball creating her own Easter keepsakes.

The facts and figures:

The personalised egg cup cost $18 including postage from the UK, as it was made to order be prepared to get in early, it could take a few weeks.

The DIY eggs were $9.95 with $6 flat rate postage (and I ordered a couple of other items at the same time.)
The Paint and varnish I already had. The plant based paints are $16.50 from Eco toys . The gold acrylic was about $3 from Spotlight, as was the varnish.

Tip: I had a couple of natural sponges, which were really helpful to hold the wet eggs in order to paint them all  over without getting messy fingers.
Also sellotape can help you get nice crisp finishes - shoulda thought of that earlier...


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  1. Kate, those are beautiful eggs I love them. what a cool idea.