Sunday, 16 February 2014


I should briefly introduce this blog.

Hello, I'm Kate.
I'm a dreamer, a traveller, a crafter, a cook, a wife and a mum.
My hubby (BWB) and I live near the Mornington Penisular, Melbourne.  We have two big beautiful dogs and one lovely, chaotic, funny little girl who we affectionately call Bug.
Right now she's 16.5 months, and like a little blond hurricane... and I have another one on the way, due in 2 months or so. Life is pretty hectic and looks to get more so, but 98% of the time I wouldn't change a thing.
For ovious reasons I will not promice to post on this blog as often as is probably ideal. But I hope that when I post the content will be worth reading.
This blog will cover the activities I get up to with my Mini Melbournites. Hopefully it will offer inspiration to other parents, and non parents too. It should be fun! I hope you enjoy it too!

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