Saturday, 31 May 2014

Role Models and Heroes

My daughters make me want to be a better person, because everything I do they are absorbing. For them I must become a good role model, because whether I like it or not that's who I am to them. And it's not just the big stuff it's the silly little everyday things too. For them I need to start eating breakfast at the table, I need to be tidier,  I need to finish the little projects I begin, I need to cross the road at the marked crossing.  I need to speak nicely around and about other people. I need to stand up straight, laugh more, play more, dance more, sing, swear less. I need to be proud of who I am, (Or at least feign confidence, so that they don't have to pretend). I need to eat healthily, exercise regularly but never talk about fat and bad and good food and diets. I need to show them they can do anything, and be anything, if they are prepared to work for it, and that sometimes doing stuff that isn't fun, that is tough and boring and gross is OK (and apart of life).  I need to show them I'm not perfect, but that that's OK, and i need to show them that I will love myself regardless. I need to be brave.  I need to be a better me, for them. 
I also need to introduce them to role models and heroes who are great. Who believe, who dream, who are imaginative and creative and ambitious. Some who changed the world, and some who added to its beauty, so that they can see that they really and truly can do anything that they really and truly want to... 

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