Sunday, 4 May 2014

This week

This Week We
Baked: Magic Custard cake via. rasberri cupcake. It's my sisters birthday on Monday so we had early birthday dinner Friday night and this was the cake I made. Yummy, creamy, but not too sweet, and definitely different. Delicious with berry's and icing sugar. There's also a version with berries baked into it, which looks amazing as well, but I'm yet to try it. 


In return my Sis made blueberry lime and mint cake (did I mention we're twins) . Are you a mojito lover? This is a mojito in cake form minus the rum (although you could add that to the drizzle if you were feeling footloose and fancy free)! Mmm.

We ate: breakfast at Rococo's in Acland street, St Kilda. Rococo's is our official go to cafe for St Kilda brunch dates. While a bit noisy, the tables are spacious you can fit a pram in, and best of all, the food is consistently excellent. We have a theory that if your paying for food it should be better than what you would make at home, and Rococo's has yet to disappoint. The down side (if you can call it that) is all the amazing bakeries you pass on the way down Acland st. I came home with chocolate cannelloni and cream brûlée, a sugar laden end to the week! 

We made: salt free, sensitive skin friendly Play dough. Containing honey, cornflour, oats, coconut oil and water, the Dough is soft and lovely to play with. It's great for kids who shove everything in there mouths and for younger babies to have some sensory fun, as well as sufferers of eczema and other skin sensitivities, but it's quite pricey to make in comparison to regular play dough, (coconut oil isn't the cheapest option), but is probably still cheaper than brought stuff. If left out it gets a crusty skin on it but it goes really hard if stored in the fridge due to the coconut oil, and needs to be hand warmed to become pliable again. I'm still experimenting with storage and shelf life. 

And I began a sourdough starter. I'm at day 5 and making bread with it tonight. I'll go into more detail when I get it to the maintenance stage, (about 5-10 days) and try a few more recipes. 
I read: (yup I read a whole book! thanks  to mum and her Bug wrangling, and the enforced sofa bound time early bfing brings)Jody Picoults 'The Storyteller'. I cried, BWB even teared up when I explained why I was crying. It is brilliant, thought provoking and heart breaking. Highly recommended.
Said good bye to my mum. Arg! We will miss her terribly! Next week could be a rough one without that extra set of hands juggling minis and washing and music class and supermarket runs! And Bebe's in the midst if her first wonder week (I have the app) which will not help! But we'll get there... I hope... 

Have a great week *K*

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