Monday, 17 March 2014

Cruisey Crafting: easy cloud mobile

I wish I was one of those crazy super talented crafty people (see here, and sigh with jealousy). I want to be. I have 100s of ideas I want to try, projects I plan to accomplish, but I'm usually too ambitious, and I tend to be a bit impatient and gung-ho when it comes to completing something.  At the moment, creating in snatches of time between the demands of family means well it kinda doesn't happen all that much. And yet I still doodle my ideas and dreams into sketch books and think one day... Well this little mobile is something I successfully whipped up in about 10mins, it cost next to nothing, and best of all it looks pretty good.

Step one. Choose some paper and cut in half. 

Step 2: draw a cloud shape and cut through booth halves of the paper

Ideally run a strip of double-sided tape along the bottom of one cloud. Begin at the middle attaching different lengths of ribbon to your cloud.  If you can't remember where you put your double-sided tape (baby brain!), or don't have any just stick each ribbon individually. Try and keep your spaces as even as possible. 

When you've completed attaching ribbons to one cloud swirl on some glue and stick the second cloud on top. Hold down with a heavy book for a few minutes. Then leave to dry. 
Use a hole punch to put a hole in the mobile at the top and thread with a ribbon, or some embroidery thread, or bakers twine. 



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