Sunday, 2 March 2014

Showcasing Local - Pure Poppet

In my quest to be super organised (so unlike me, but a girls gotta start somewhere right?), I've brought a few gifts for my neices with birthdays in April as I dont know how good my time management skills will be in those first few postpartum weeks. 
While walking into Big W and stocking up on cheap, super popular plastic toys that are sure to please, is easier, it kinda depresses me to do so. I'd rather find gifts that are a little unique, a little quirky, and made with, well, a little more love ( rather than massed produced in China).

Fortunately there are amazing options available if you do a little digging, and sometimes a lot of online searching (which I'm a little torn on as a buying online supports a lot of amazing eco products and handmade crafters, but potentially causes a loss of physical stores, and thus their staff... But all that is quite a different debate).  Which gives me the perfect opertunity to share Pure Poppet play makeup with you.

Now I'm firmly against enougageing young kids to grow up too quickly, so I love that these products are marketed to boys and girls alike, and encourage creative, imaginate, dress up play, rather than 'being like mummy'.

Not only that, but they are made in Australia and free from chemical nasties. The packageing is super cute too (an added bonus for those who love good product design).

Sweet P (turning 4) loves dressing up as a princess, highland dancing, Dora the explorer and her 'really, really fast' scooter. I got her a Natural Face Paint Pack as the last birthday party we all went to, she got her face painted and lasted 5 mins before yelling at her mum to wash it off. I think it was the drying, tightening feeling traditional face paint has that she disliked, but Pure Poppet uses coloured mineral powders and the crayons are made from coconut oil and beeswax, so will avoid this.  Best of all, most products wash off gently with warm water and a cloth.

Hopefully I can do an follow up post when Sweet P gets her gifts,  in the meantime I found this review (via Pure Poppets blog) by a fellow Mummy blogger.

The Facts and Figures:

Available at Pure Poppet, and there's a list of  other stockists on their website.

Costs from $4.95 for singles packs of mineral powders, crayons, lip balms etc, or a pack of 5 stencils, to $54.95 for play packs with 8 yummy items for hours of play. (Postage extra and determined at check out)

Pure Poppet suggests most of their products are suitable for mini's 4+.

Photos  are from Pure Poppets, please don't use without permission. Thanks muchly! 

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