Friday, 18 April 2014

A slice of country - Myuna Farm

I'd had a few days in hospital with Bebe, there was the settling back into home life, then we had three days of rain.  By the end of the week we were all ready to escape the house.  Thank goodness Sunday was sunny and BWB was off work, so together we packed up our week old baby, our 19 month old hurricane, squished my Mum in between the car seats, (thank goodness for the station waggon) and headed out to Myuna farm.

This little slice of country in Melbourne suburbia is home to donkeys, pigs, ducks, geese, cows, turkeys, horses, ponies, goats, rabbits, guinnie-pigs and a range of reptiles and birds. Bug loves feeding animals of almost any description so when the cashier handed over a bag of mouldy bread she was in her element (however a lot of the animals they ask you not to feed which was a tough sell to an over enthusiastic mini). However she loved getting to pat rabbits and goats, to ride the sweet, stout Shetland pony and was a big fan of the 'train', which loops around the grounds, down to the wetlands and back. 

 My 6 foot 4 husbands would not have fitted in the train, and was left holding the baby (who decided the Baby Bjorn was not for her).  Not really a hardship apparently he was mobbed by woman the moment he was left on his own. (Note to single uncles, holding a baby is an easy way to meet girls!). 


The farm is only a minutes drive from Dandenong Markets (open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) so its worth doing both in one trip if your in need of fresh vegetables, meat and fish.  

the food court there has a good range of options from kebabs and jam doughnuts to dim-sums and freshly squeezed juices so maybe a better place to have lunch than the farm itself which really only offers junk food.

The facts and figures:
Open every day 10am - 4pm, located approx 40mins from the city. See here for public transport directions
Entry is $6 per person, $20 for a family of four.  $2.50 tickets purchased from the front counter can be used for both the train and the pony rides, very convenient when BWB decided he wouldn't fit on the train as we then used his train ticket for the pony ride.
There is no cafe, but there is a kiosk with pies, chips, drinks, ice creams etc available. There are also several rooms, and picnic areas with BBQ's and fridge access that can be reserved/hired for parties, picnics and gatherings.
The grounds are pram and wheelchair friendly. I didn't use the bathrooms but they looked pretty basic, so I'm not sure if change tables are available (oops)
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