Monday, 7 April 2014

Showcasing Local - Alimrose

With the arrival of her little sister imminent, I wanted to find something special for Bug to be a gift for her from the new baby.  Ideally it would be something beautiful, something timeless, a keepsake, a treasure, but also something age appropriate (she'll be 19mnths if Bebe is on time), something she can play with and enjoy.  I didn't have to look far.

I've brought gifts from Alimrose before. The dolls are beautiful, unique and well made. I have a select few go-to sources for new baby gifts and Alimrose squeakers are one of the chosen few.  I love that the range includes Princesses, Poppets, Pirates and Super heroes. 

The brainchild of  of two mums who couldn't find dolls to suit the needs of their minis, Alimrose aims have changed over time but they are still giving back to NSW children's hospitals, Bear Cottage children's hospice and save the children (read more here).  You'd be hard pressed to find a product with more love bundled up into it that that!

Facts and Figures

Starting at $13.95 for bibs, to $59.95 for a large rag doll, with something to suit every budget in between. 

Not available to purchase on the Alimrose website, but there is a large list of stockists here. I have used both Button Baby and Birdsnest to buy products.

Appropriate for all minis, newborn and up.  All the dolls I've brought have stitched eyes and are very well finished with no loose threads or ribbons, but of course one should never leave mini-minis playing alone, or sleeping, with any toys.

Some of the above Images are from Alimrose, please give credit where credits due and link back where possible. Thanks

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