Monday, 14 April 2014

This week

While I spent a considerable amount of time with my face against oh so soft and milky smelling baby head and enjoyed feeling that fluttery sparrow heart against my chest, we still found time to get out and about.  This week:

My lovely Mum Made: banana loaf. It was different but really delicious and so healthy I had to smear it with a little butter just to naughty it up a little! It's now sliced and frozen for quick and easy snacks.

I also got my niece, Ballerina, (nearly 11) over to entertain Bug and to make some Easter treats. We made Coconut Loaf (easy and tasty), Chocolate Fudge and bunny bickies. the cutter was a very sweet pressie from my Aunty Sue-sue. We used the recipe that came with cutter and it wasn't amazing... But they look cute so hey!

Visited: feeling like we all needed fresh air and sunshine after a few days of rain (I think Bug was getting cabin fever) we had our first Sunday outing to Myuna Farm, Doveton. It was a really lovely morning out (I will do a write up on it soon), and Bug had a ball, raced off some of her excess energy and got to ride a train and a pony. Too cute!

Only minutes from Myuna Farmaway is the Dandenong Market so we stocked up on fresh veggie (so cheap and really really fresh) and fish. I still don't know what fish to buy in Aussie. In NZ I'm familiar with what I'm buying flavour wise, it's a guessing game here with anything other than snapper, whitehead and barramundi. (Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated). We went with sea bream, which was very mild so good for kiddos who don't like fishy fish, and salmon cause it looked so beautiful!

Have a great week


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