Monday, 21 April 2014

Show casing local (sorta) - Nature Baby

I should be more like this lady, or this one, when it comes to clothes for myself and my minis - reuse, recycle, re purpose, create... But I'm not a great sewer (I can, but we're talking pretty basic stuff), I can't knit, and I've always been a terrible op shopper (although truly jealous of those who just seem to walk into secondhand jobs and find fabulous stuff, Grr). 
However that's no excuse not to shop mindfully*.

Nature Baby is a New Zealand store that makes beautiful organic clothing and sleep wear for minis, and have an Australian online store (so sorta local).

It's well constructed (designed in NZ, made in India) and therefore should outlast both my girls and possibly (blueberry stains and rough and tumble dependent) be passed on again. And it's pretty darn cute to boot! 
Facts and Figures:
They specialise in organic wool and organic cotton clothing. The range features sleep and day wear - girls, boys and unisex designs from newborn to 4 years.
The fit is long and lean so the size 2 fits my 19 month, 11kg, 87cm tall mini almost perfectly. 
The clothing range has bibs for $14.95, tops start at about $19.95, pants at $24.95, and the range runs through to $59.95 for hand knitted merino cardigans. 
The website also has cloth nappies, organic toys and gifts for Mum, natural remedies, furniture and room decor. 

*I'm saying mindfully rather than ethically, because for me ethically brings up a whole realm of questions and not many clear cut answers. If we try and always buy local are we taking away from Chinese workers who desperately need the jobs these factories provide? Is the Bangladesh accord  enough? (Target and  Cotton On are members. Cotton On also donates sales percentages to charity's and is Australian owned, is that enough)? How do you check Eco/ ethical cred? Only some brands put up statements on their web sites... should we be supporting Australian designers who still get their garments produced in 3rd world country's because they are getting pushed out of the market by 'fast fashion', and sadly buying from local craft markets can still leave wardrobe gaps. (Gumboots, for example )). When you make/ sew/ craft your own where does the fabric come from? Are those manufacturers just as bad as those who make jeans? anyway this is all beyond the scope of my knowledge and journalistic ability. And it's certainly beyond the scope of what I want this blog to be...

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